Social Media Management


Welcome to TreeAsh Social Media program!  We will manage it, recreate it and give you some spare time to focus on other areas of your business!

Social Media streamlines your message and having a social Media Management program will allow for optimal discussion and complete engagement with your followers and result in your ‘relationship becoming revenue’.

Creating an online presence gives you and your brand a voice.  It is the fastest and best way to engage with clients; whether they are potential or returning.  Social media is the most used form of ‘networking’ or getting to know businesses now; your brand, your style. It is imperative that it stay current, accurate and clear.

Social media experts agree ‘ more than not a strategic plan is needed’ – Romina Maurino, The Canadian Press.  With TreeAsh we thrive on strategy and making sure that your social media is streamlined and accurate to your brand.

An assistant will make your job one job not 12 and make you better and more efficient.  TreeAsh can take away your frustration!

We will:

  • Research – Who are you, how are you currently perceived in the marketplace and what is your competition doing?

  • Create or recreate your brand- We will create or recreate the brand that has fallen by the wayside.  Relaunch your look so that it continues to benefit your product or service; a lame social platform reflects upon your business.

  • Begin the conversation – get people talking about who you are and what you offer them.  It is important to engage your audience so that they feel apart of the community.

  • Maintain – Let’s keep the conversation going.  Too many small and large businesses let their social media campaigns fall apart. Without maintaining your accounts, it is impossible to stay releveant.  We will keep people engaged.

TreeAsh will make your social media headaches become growth in your business.

What we deliver:

Increased exposure and traffic

Generation of leads

Improved sales

Reduction in marketing costs

Statistics and analytics to ensure maximum exposure

Online continuity

Research based posts

TreeAsh will develop a plan that follows the strategies of any communication or marketing plan.


Ready to get STARTED

Too many small businesses are remaining socially awkward and it’s hurting their bottom line’ – Romina Maurino, The Canadian Press

TreeAsh wants to make sure that your social media doesn’t fall by the wayside.  That with a strategic plan small and large businesses alike thrive and grow.    Very quickly, the idea of a like or a follow is becoming an ROI and that makes everyone see the potential that social media has on the bottom line.  It is imperative to gain and maintain your SEO profile online and thus continuing the flow to your company and brand.

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